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7/17/14 The Blasted News with Meria. Sun got quiet; Elizabeth Warren’s popularity;Pope on migrant children and celibacy;lsrael bombing continues, kills 4 boys on beach;Malaysian flight crashes;Repugs vote no on Hobby Lobby fix;spending billions on bad cops; FDA and deadly vials;States most wiretapped;Michigan Repugs own “Watergate“; $250 billion lawsuit;Australia and nuclear waste;Cheney calls Obama worse president ever;Israel’s war crimes; It’s about the gas; NSA protecting Snowden’s “privacy”; Tripoli airport bombed;TEPCO lies; Fukushima latest;Chris Christie heckled;handcuffs for Cheney; BMW recall;660 pedophiles arrested;US sanctions Russia, Russia’s response;Tesla; “Behind the Candelabra”; Quakers and Hobby Lobby ruling;Mom jailed for 9 yr old in park;Head of Central Bank (Intl.Settlements) warns of another financial crisis;Yellen on interest;prostate cancer;life for pot?Nestle pumps Calif water;comments from listeners;earthquakes;Millennials hate Conservatives;Citi settles for $7 Billion;George W knee replacement;Kissinger heart; Amazon Fire spies on you; wildfires in Washington State and more “stuff”.





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  1. pbraunschweiler says:

    The news report about the four young boys being blown to bits on a beach in Gaza is awful. What happened to the mother and her nine year old daughter in S. Carolina is sickening. Considering all of the terrible stories of children in Foster Care, I personally think the little girl was safer in a park. during the day with a cell phone. Just my opinion…Anyway, thanks for another week of great shows!

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