Roaring Truth with Meria and Prof. Jim Fetzer


8/12/14 Roaring Truth with Meria and Prof. Jim Fetzer. Death of Robin Williams; manic depressive;psychic pain into comedy;suicide as a human prerogative; euthanasia;death with dignity;Setting up the Ukraine for WW3; Fukushima at an extinction level, where’s the coverage? Nuclear waste;Adminstration pushing for nuclear war with Russia, pre-emptive strike?Where’s the pity for Gaza and the Ukraine? Israel’s “unimaginable restraints” in Gaza? Are they kidding? Netanyahu’s “final solution”; the shoot down of MH17, part of the setup; Was MH 370 the same plane? the militarized police as domestic terror;US complicity in Gaza; Hollywood and the media run by Zionists;CIA & Mossad and 9/11; explosives or mini nukes on 9/11?Victims of ionized radiation at Ground Zero (same as Fukushima); Saudi financing of 9/11; Saudi in league with Israel; The movies “Executive Action” and “Operation Terror”;JFK – was it Lovelady or Oswald?






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