The Blasted News with Meria


8/4/14 The Blasted News with Meria. ¬†Obama insults Russia; US hypocrisy on Israel; Another UN school hit by Israel -where’s NATO? US media works for Israel;Israel spied on Kerry;Fukushima horrors on West Coast, ocean dying and everything in it; WIPP’s radiation off chart;earthquakes;$19mil to Ukrainian army, zero for wildfire; fake evidence;Obama admits we tortured “folks”; Ebola -Monsanto-Atlanta;Israel’s latest lie; Pres of Nicaragua asks Pope to do an exorcism on Netanyahu; Latin America slams Israel; drought worsens in California;spill in Okla water; no water in Ohio; Colorado has 2 oil/gas spills a day;Australian racism;the film “No God, No Master”; American lifestyle and obesity;Congress on vacation;Brian Eno on US support of Israel;KKK wants to shoot kids; US re-supplies Israel’s ammo; Karzai’s cousin killed;Libya a failed State;smart meters for UK; Ventura wins lawsuit;wealth inequality doubled in US; Hyundai and Kawasaki recalls;US complicity in Israel’s slaughter; NFL to be chipped this season;Ruth Bader Ginsburg comments on Hobby Lobby;Argentina defaults;Bolivia calls Israel “terrorist state”; Israel wipes Palestine off the map; Netanyahu rails on Obama;and more “stuff”.





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