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8/11/14 The Blasted News with Meria. Pro-Palestinian Manifesto signed by Fidel Castro and other world leaders; Jimmy Carter on Israel’s war crimes; worldwide protests;Ukrainian protests;Neo-Nazis in Ukraine;Bush to blame for ISIS; Red Tide in Florida; Airstrikes on Iraq could be long term;US trained militants in ISIS; George Galloway on Israel;Sierra Leone believe Ebola a govt conspiracy;Russia thinks Ebola a manmade crisis;missile cruisers for peace? cops taser 8 yr old girl; man shoots man 10x in the back gets away with it in Florida;Canada gets involved in Ukraine;Putin’s sanctions;Irish Senator condemns Gaza attacks;renewed hatred for Jews worldwide;Computer breach at DHS;Tekmira shares rise;birds falling dead in Michigan;Renisha McBride’s killer found guilty;Tax dodging corporations to flee US; stupid Texas GOP; IBM’s new brain chip; Joan Rivers & Howard Stern’s ugliness;latest on Fukushima;ISIL leader Mossad;shot for a toy gun;Netanyahu begs US for protection against war crime charges at ICC; Catholic Hospital says fetuses aren’t people;Iraq’s new leader;Israeli’s protest war;NATO arrives in Ukraine;GM recall;Bay City,Mi almost out of water and more “stuff”.





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