The Blasted News with Meria


8/14/14 The Blasted News with Meria. Riots in Fergerson, another black man shot in Fergerson, Militarized police shooting rubber/wooden bullets even at a Senator and journalists; students at Howard University (pic); Anonymous strikes Fergerson; Where’s humanitarian Obama on this? Robin Williams, Lauren Bacall dead; Colgate and cancer;latest FUBARshima news;Hillary vs. Obama;Payday loans prosecuted for usury;Fox News/Scarborough slams;UN secrets with Israel;Israel 1948-Terrorists attack Palestine;Tekmira shares soar;white students no longer majority in US schools;NM judge votes against 10 commandments;ISIL created by US & Israel;$2bil sale to Saudi’s;deBlasio no different than Bloomberg;Cuomo to kiss ass of Netanyahu and most of useless Congress too;bike share program works;Western humanitarian hypocrisy;combat troops for Iraq;Brazilian candidate killed in plane crash;floods in Michigan;cops kill another sick man in Michigan;LAPD kill black man lying on ground;Obama loosens ban on lobbyists in govt;Wife of Texan anti-gay crusader leaves him for a woman;Israel clamps down on dissent and more “stuff”.





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