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8/18/14 The Blasted News with Meria. America on fire – Ferguson, Mo,cover up by cops, witness account, black cop not enough, curfew,National Guard, kid shot at least 6x;Palestinians in solidarity with Ferguson; Fukushima latest;horses mystery illness in Calif;UN on Gaza – all life systems destroyed; Hollywood witch hunt against Cruz & Bardem;Ford recall;teen’s gym mat death-homicide? Mother arrested for cursing;NM Sheriff & son arrested for pistol whipping man;Germany spied on Kerry & Clinton;Israel spied too;paying off the FCC;Congressman wants to reverse militarization of cops;NY candidate arrested for filming cops;State of Emergency in New Hampshire;pot arrests tripled since 1991;cops kill man wearing headphones;White House tries to say they didn’t know they were arming Israel;Iraq’s PM stepping down;Rick Perry indicted-two felonies;blocking Israel at docks;Hero returns medal to Israel;cop convicted for burning body of cop shooting after Katrina;rethinking military gear for cops;Cops kill mentally ill woman in Phoenix;Chinese see cop beating a women, beat cops and more “stuff”.





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