The Blasted News with Meria


8/28/14 The Blasted News with Meria. The tale of two ISIS’; lower prescription drug overdoses thanks to medical cannabis; Rich flush with water in Calif; how many shots for Michael Brown?Obama pushes on Syria;kill-switch for phones passes in Calif; Burger King, latest tax dodger;shot on site in Walmart;Cops beat Marine in Florida;Iowa’s rapist Mayor resigns;military families dependent on food banks;LAPD withholds info; Holocaust survivors defend Gaza;earthquakes;nuclear danger;Fukushima horror stories;AIPAC at war;Australia enters Iraq;89 families wiped out in Gaza;Ukraine protests, thousands dead;CDC whistleblower on autism & MMR; Louis Freeh accident;Joan Rivers got hers;British rapper & James Foley;Rubble bucket challenge;Ferguson cop hog tied 12 yr old;Pastor wants LGBT’s to get 10 yrs hard labor (christian); Kansas cops kill teen with 16 shots;Millennials want out of corp. America; Georgia cops taser man to death;rapist reality show star;Rob Schneider on CDC’s cover up; IMF chief investigated for fraud;McConnell sucks Koch;Black ex-chief in charge in Ferguson now;JP Morgan hacked;Sante Fe decriminalizes pot;a Rothschild reptile dies and more “stuff”.





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3 Responses to "The Blasted News with Meria"

  1. pbraunschweiler says:

    Although I know that your “Blasted News Show” takes a lot of work, please know that there are people out here who appreciate your efforts…One of the very best things I have ever done for myself was to get a subscription to your show! Thank you Meria…Have a great weekend…

  2. Meria says:

    I work hard so you don’t have to. Thank you so much for all your support!

  3. michaelm says:

    Wow! What a quick paced, hard hitting show. One great news story after another. I have a suggestion recommended by a psychic energy healer named Jen Ward; we stop calling this CIA group ISIS. By doing so we empower them, and take away from the divine feminine represented by the goddess Isis. She recommends we from now on call them IsNot, as it removes or attention from them, thereby taking away their power, and it replenishes the divine feminine our world sorely needs.

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