Stars R Us with Meria and Joseph Anthony

me and joe

9/3/14 Stars R Us, monthly astrology show with Meria and Joseph Anthony. ┬áBig news last month as predicted; Robin Williams, Ferguson and demilitarize the police; weird energy this month;more earthquakes/anomalies;solar flare on the 1st;false flag? Full Moon on the 8th -powerful;who we really are;Dr.Wakefield exonerated;Neptune in Pisces;organized crime at the highest levels;Tesla car;currency news coming;price of food to rise;Mercury in Libra the 1st;13th Mars in Sagittarius-war? our galaxy entering the Photon Belt;look for images:photon belt and 8/30 crop circle;Sun in Libra 22nd;justice, fairness, relationships, legal system;2nd half of the month – investigate;8th through the 13th – big news; personal monthly horoscopes.






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  1. andyirbuchan says:

    Don’t Fret!
    Meria’s on the Net
    With a Serendipitous Show
    Which Your Mind It May Blow!

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