The Blasted News with Meria


9/1/14 The Blasted News with Meria. Bernie Sanders on “Labor Day”; Israel’s latest land grab in Gaza and the bad theater around it;20 yrs to rebuild Gaza;rallies across America against police brutality;George Galloway attacked;cops resign in Ferguson, cameras for cops;latest on MH17;latest Fukushima horrors in Pacific;two towns in Michigan decriminalize cannabis;wearables;Hillary on Ferguson-who wrote it? Lawsuits against Ferguson cops;cop in Hartford joins protesters;should cops live where they work? do they? James Foley-was he killed a year ago? Who is his sister (see video); ISIS “leader” a Mossad agent/actor;Eliz Warren pro-Israel;setting up Russia, Ukraine reinstitutes conscription; tased for refusing to give his name;loss of pleading the 5th in California;abortion by web/mail; brain eating amoeba in La. water;Kissinger’s “new world order“; NATO ramps up troops;Putin’s “threat”? $7.5 million a day for Iraq;UK raises threat warning-no evidence;UN on US police brutality;Army lawyer resigns – show trial; cops barge in over tall grass and more “stuff”.





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