The Blasted News With Meria


9/4/14 The Blasted News with Meria. Bloomberg goes back to work;E.C.B. cuts interest rates further;Steven Sotloff -dual citizen with Israel;Russia and Ukraine talk cease fire while NATO revs up;Castro slams US, NATO,Mossad, etc;Fukushima lawsuits & horrors; earthquakes;more troops to Iraq UK &¬†Australia may join in;Cameron’s new laws;12 missing planes;latest on Ebola;Eric Cantor lands $3.4 mil investment banker job;NATO creating 4,000 troop;ISIL fabricated by U.S., origins of ISIS; deradicalization programs;protests at Nato summit;Germans protest spying;naked “celebrities”; global derivatives bubble; wages for ALL Americans dropped;Baptist teacher raped male student for years;CDC whistleblower apologizes to Dr.Wakefield;Home Depot credit card breach;Koch summit -wage increase will lead to fascism;DNA frees two innocent men;oil spill in Mexico;fake cellphone towers;millions more for Sandy Hook;Lake Mead;Bernard Madoff’s son dies;CVS “health”;Casino’s close in Atlantic City, thousands unemployed and more “stuff”.






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  1. andyirbuchan says:

    John McCain
    has always been Insane
    he’s got a Lizard crawling around his brain.
    But, speaking now Seriously
    It’s hard to Act Fearlessly
    When to the Archons so many are Tame.

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