The Blasted News with Meria


9/8/14 The Blasted News with Meria. CIA torture exposed;Tribune’s collaboration with the CIA;Ukraine ceasefire-what’s up? Ebola and oil;kids getting sick across the country;Israel steals Gaza’s gas;record rain in Phoenix;Ferguson cops;sea lions/killer whales dying in Pacific;radiation in New Mexico WIPP; Veterans want prohibition to end;cops make extra money on pot busts, take your homes;British Ambassador declares UK a rogue state;Hamas more popular than ever;arrested for standing on sidewalk;Texas cop shoot face off mentally ill man;Nestle sucking water out of Colorado;ISIS and US imperialism;$130bil from undocumented workers in Calif;domestic violence and pot smokers vs. alcohol;Joan Rivers dead;beekeepers sue;Former Va. Governor guilty of corruption charges;NATO warships in Black Sea; US “drill” with Ukraine this month;Canada’s secret no-fly list;BP guilty;race and police dept;cop resigns after hate rant;Judge Fuller gets away with domestic violence;$1tril in rare minerals in Afghanistan;Israel”s fake video and more stuff.





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