The Blasted News With Meria


9/11/14 The Blasted News With Meria. 13 yrs later still no accountability; the terrorists won; Obama on ISIS & ISIL; more troops to Iraq; DHS can’t stop ISIS; Pistorius found not guilty of murder;X flare headed to Earth;Dutch on Flight MH370;Senate reviews military gear by police, will they have to pay back grants? Science & religion incompatible;28 Pages that indict Saudis on 9/11; 40 a day die from prescription painkillers;maternity death rate soars in US; Ferguson courts on the line;Citizens United;Ray Rice;Hawking on the “god” particle;obesity in US;Ayatollah on OWO;Posse comitatus and militarized police;NYPD beat man for no reason;Chicago cops kill 91 yr old;Megachurch leader’s “penis homes”; rapists candidates of the Republican party;Fukushima’s latest;Dead fish in Mexico;General warns of another 9/11; David Ray Griffin & Paul Craig Roberts on 9/11; and more stuff.






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