The Blasted News with Meria


9/15/14 The Blasted News with Meria. ISIS – another beheading? ISIS-Israeli Secret Intelligence Service. Teen prank could cost 2 yrs;Nazi symbols on helmets of Ukrainian soldiers;billions wasted in Afghanistan;no money for firefighting in US; EV-D68; State police officer ambushed;expect more? actress arrested for white husband;NFL’s Peterson beats 4 yr old;Az has to return military gear;Jose Padilla get 21 yrs;Plutonium in US air; Fukushima latest;Yahoo’s case;Pistorius guilty of homicide;Michael Brown had hands in the air;Iranians know ISIS is an American invention;Nobel committee on Obama;Voter ID restored in Wi; 43 of Israel’s spy unit refuse;regulating drug use;Radio Shack -bankrupt?Zimmermans latest;Ford Recall;Israel to investigate itself;72 hr waiting period in Missouri;Ted Cruz booed offstage;the Palins bar brawl;horrors in women’s prison in USA; videotaping strip searches?Nicole Kidman’s dad dead;Bernie Sanders to run for Pres? attacks on police rise;Honolulu’s homeless to go to internment camp;and more stuff.







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