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9/29/14 The Blasted News with Meria. Rats leaving ship at DynCorp; protesters succeed in Oakland;Hong Kong protests;Japan volcano erupts;Fukushima latest;2 cops shot in Ferguson;Mississippi & Arizona prisons horror chambers;Obama on distrust of police;Phx & OHare airports closed;Secret Service five days late;Ray McGovern wins;more Americans killed by cops than terrorists;Ford Recall;Foster Farm chicken recall;James Traficant dies;more troops to Iraq;Airstrikes on Syria;Israel’s latest;kids virus hit kids with vaccines;where is Biblical Israel?;why cut down on meat;smart meter fires?Uncle Sam says yes to illegals in service;cop murders;Academi cash strapped;Al Sharpton;Pope fires Bishop;beheading in Okla;Catholic Archbishop child porn collection; and more stuff.






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