Stars R Us with Meria and Joseph Anthony


me and joe10/1/14 Stars R Us with Meria and astrologer Joseph Anthony. Get ready for an exciting month;Lunar eclipse in Aries on the 8th;Mercury retrogrades on the 4th;clears out by Nov 9; electronics affected;cosmic changes-solar flares;magnetic field changing;McCanney’s “action from a distance”; eco-system being destroyed by man; no such thing as climate; Rockefellers and oil; Uranus and the eclipse;Obama – is an assassination possible? Where’s the Secret Service? revisiting the past, people and situations;Sun in Scorpio on the 23rd;New Moon Solar eclipse;disconnections;transformation;changes in perception the next six months;Venus-justice,fairness,war,balance, love;visitations for Halloween;Most affected signs this month:Aries,Libra,Capricorn and Cancer; monthly horoscopes by sign.







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