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10/9/14 The Blasted News with Meria. Another kid shot dead in Missouri;cops murder bystander blame man they crippled;cop attacks kid for a cigarette;tasered for a seat belt violation;Obama Admin and Standing Army plan for riots;Millennials vs. religion (love it); warrantless car searches legal;Fukushima latest;earthquakes;fracking waste in Calif drinking water;China #1 world economy;Sarah Silverman on “vagina tax”; Fla. inmate beaten to death;San Diego suicides;Canada’s CSIS; Connecticut’s “ebola lab”;ebola screening at US airports;AT&T’s overbilling;cops killed 77 Americans last week;Defense stocks RISE; Biden on who funded ISIS; Seattle rocks;Wal-Mart cuts health ins; Az lowest paid teachers;teachers in Phila. lose ┬ábenefits;”Murderous Crybabies”-Denver’s cops; Gov Scott’s fraud;Justices in Gov Walker case vs.their handlers;explosion in Iran;Prison bankers big profits;Reddit group “correct women through rape”;Police retaliate against Cop Watch Groups;and more insanity.







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