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10/13/14 The Blasted News with Meria. False flag in Australia over plastic sword;protests/arrests/killings in Ferguson;Nissan recall;earthquakes; latest on Fukushima; prescription drugs killing wildlife;Ebola latest;Ebola -US weapon (2002)? standing armies;forced quarantines;airport madness;Boeing’s corporate welfare, jobs lost;Gary Webb back in the news;crazy dangerous religious people;toddler dies from Enterovirus;more data thefts;Argentina’s Cristina Fernandez tells it like it is;MH17-passenger wore oxygen mask;bad cop stories;Antarctic sea ice at highest level; Ebola-Canada/UK; Australia gets it’s own Patriot Act;Israel breaks Old Testament laws;protests over murders in Mexico;Jon Stewart takes on AIG; 11 nuns sexually abused students;White Men in control in US; latest on Snowden;director of NIH speaks out on Ebola hype; stats on young black male killings by cops and more insanity.









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