The Blasted News with Meria


10/16/14 The Blasted news with Meria. Bad cop stories;Jeff Flake’s son charged in dog deaths;BOA’s latest; Fukushima’s latest;earthquakes; hurricanes;Japanese protests;Cornel West arrested not Darren Wilson; UK on Palestinian state;Pentagon on climate change;Boeing pays $23million;Russia working on 3 ebola vaccines;Ohio Pastor busted;stabbed for being black;Germany doesn’t want to follow US example;latest bull on Boston Marathon case;cops getting gang tattoos for each kill; post-foreclosure hell; Mexicans burning down the house;not-protecting our troops; Supremes give hail Mary to abortion clinics;Strontium 90 and tritium off charts-Fukushima;Ebola “panic” continues;asset seizures by cops;Chrysler & Toyota recalls;Anti-Porn Rabbi busted for voyeurism;market drops;jail for overgrown yard;rapist continues to play football;feminist threatened;Repugs push for travel ban and more insanity.







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