The Blasted News With Meria


10/20/14 The Blasted News with Meria. Record auto recalls;Cliven Bundy vs. Ferguson; ebola panic (3 cases); oil spill in Louisiana;Darren Wilson -4 hrs in front of grand jury? FBI vs Apple/Google;Atheist gets $2 mil settlement;ebola at Pentagon’s door? Marines practice for epidemic;Bush gets off hook in CIA torture;ISIS flags found in Israel;US on Russia’s borders;600,000 disenfranchised in Texas;gunpoint for seat belt violation;Fukushima way out of control; radioactive reindeer/vegetation;cashing in on ebola;48 mil Americans live in poverty; Yellen on wealth inequality;rich richest in  100 yrs;gay marriage ok in Az; Nurse speaks out on FUBAR at Texas hospital;useless Czar on ebola;Cuba sends doctors not troops; Michael Dunn gets life plus; Alabama jails let you die; Nazi’s getting Social Security; US aid going to ISIS; Nigeria declared EBOLA FREE; and more stuff you need to know.








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