The Blasted News with Meria


10/23/14 The Blasted News with Meria. Prison for life for pot – no jail for rapist prison guard; Alabama, the good, bad and ugly;Fukushima destroyed Pacific for centuries to come (where’s the panic?); BCBS rates rising;4 Blackwater guards guilty;Dallas nurse free of ebola;Pentagon readies for ebola? global economy tanking;rich got richer;jacking interest rates on poor;locking up mentally ill in prisons;ebola hysteria;Ron slams Rand on ebola;hotel registries searched without warrants;Staples hacked;600 bullets for one hostage;disenfranchising voters in Texas;Miss. prison count;slave labor in prisons;6 rhinos left;Ukraine used cluster munitions;1/3 of Americans in poverty;US/Germany/ebola;no hazmat suits for troops in W.Africa;CIA plants stories worldwide;Canada’s “attack” and police state;SNORAD & FBI; high count of women in prison in US; cost of wars;soda destroys your DNA;Toyota expands recalls over Takata airbags;Dr.Oz snake oil salesman;leaked autopsy on Michael Brown;ISIS leader CIA; George Carlin gets a block in Manhattan and more stuff.








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