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10/27/14 The Blasted News with Meria. Who’s making the money on ebola? Ebola “corps” to Africa; ebola quarantines;photos of heavy police presence BEFORE shooting in Ottawa;God’s healthcare plan;Bush’s ready for Jeb; US spy agencies DID use Nazi’s; how to reshape police? 25 EU banks fail health test;Millennials vs. McDonalds;lava flows on big Island;Fukushima “ocean dead”; Brazil’s election result; MARV vs. 75 yr old;homeless extermination in Brazilian city;SWAT training/school shooting in Marysville;drill for nuke explosion in NYC;who was the Ottawa gunman?ex La.Mayor and child porn;hatchet used on NYC cops;SWAT team kills man who called suicide hotline;another breach at White House;crackdown after Ottawa shooting;voting machines flipping votes;jail visits by computer;US bio-warfare labs in Ebola zone;and more stuff.









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