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10/30/14 The Blasted News with Meria. Banks on Wall Street haven’t changed; Lindsay Graham promises white men more; US officials call Netanyahu “chickenshit”; FBI wants more power to spy on you;76 yr old GOP rapist; drought in Sao Paulo; Ford/Chrysler recalls; Toyota #1 in car sales; medical debt #1 cause of bankruptcy;QE3 ending;Texas cop rapist; Russia offers to help with space station after rocket explodes;1.25 mil kids in school homeless;DHS amps up security after Canada; Canada rolls out new laws; troops on streets of London;WH computers hacked;Australia shuts border;to quarantine or not;BP spill on ocean floor;lava flows on Big Island;Obama cuts $8.7 billion in food stamps; war on ISIS $8 mil a day; Ferguson updates;Fukushima updates;92,000 overdoses on prescription drugs;Meria on Richie Allen’s show; youth pastor child molester;plant emergency in Metropolis,Ill; tracking US mail; earthquakes;Brazilian stocks decimated after Dilma wins;killed for drivers license checkpoint;Netanyahu plans new settlements;Pope says believe in evolution and big bang;Nader on Clinton & Paul;more stuff.









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