The Blasted News With Meria


11/6/14 The Blasted News with Meria. Big money and psychopaths “win” on “election” day; latest Fukushima horrors; the lies of ADHD; Az. vs the Feds;No.Dakota says no to religious zealots;Navy Seal claims to have killed BinLaden;GOP base white and aging;drought threatens food supply;Plutocrats won;Colo elects nut job;serious voting problems throughout country;Smart TV will be recording YOU;Raytheon buys cybersecurity firm;Pacific almost dead;Amnesty accuses Israel of war crimes;Israel makes stone throwing a 20 yr sentence;Australia in Iraq;Okla cop rape charges mount;Obesity and prescription drugs killing Americans (not ebola); Utah cops who executed man -no charges;Air Forces dumps 2 more;NATO wants more troops;anti-quarantine nurse a trained spy for CDC;90 yr old to go to jail for feeding homeless;new strain of ebola?Wisc. SWAT team executes dog;false flag coming to NYC?¬†Ireland protests water privatization;fracking banned;earthquakes;Audi recall and more.








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