The Blasted News with Meria


11/24/14 The Blasted News with Meria. Racist in Reno steps down, Guiliani shows his racism; Chuck Hagel steps down; How to deal with cops taught in NYC school; failure at Fukushima, Horrors at Hanford; Private mercenaries in Ferguson; KKK vs Anonymous; tons of earthquakes;working/striking on Thanksgiving;protesting 28% increase in tuition in Calif;Afghan war continues secretly;GOP clears Obama on Benghazi;killed for climbing stairs and playing while black;Jeb’s shell offices;Obama’s amnesty plan similar to Reagans and George HW Bush amnesty;Canada criminalizes criticism of Israel; Israel declares Homeland (apartheid); Walmarts tax dodging and bins for food for employees;NSA director on power grids & China;WTC participant murdered? stroller recalls;Jimmy Ruffin, Mike Nichols,Marion Barry Jr dead;Ohio’s “fetal heartbeat” bill resurrected;NYPD beat man for jumping turnstile;corruption in Brazil;SOA protests;19 Kids and hatred;falling wages in Mfg;Cosby handler comes forth;CIA dumping emails;leak at Scotland nuke plant;and more “insanity”.










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