The Blasted News With Meria -Thanksgiving


11/27/14 The Blasted News with Meria. The world-Thanksgiving 2014; Japan defends whaling;Shell Oil sued in Nigeria;mining the Grand Canyon? Ferguson protests worldwide; Native perspective on “thanksgiving”; genocide -our history; 1.2 mil veterans without healthcare;price fixing metals;strike Black Friday; jobless up 313,000; hundreds arrested protesting injustice;Regin spyware are us; National Bar Asso slams failure of indictment on Wilson; FBI in Ferguson;CNN legal analyst slams McCullough and grand jury;Wilson has no regrets;Wilson’s bullshit story;cop homicide in NYC; 12 yr old murdered by cop  -Cleveland “did what he was trained to do”; husband and 7 months pregnant wife beat by cops; Dr.Death-race specific bioweapon; ban on dogs reversed;Utah police kill more than gangs;Ted Cruz crazy father;Ken Ham – religious nut job; how to stop cop killings; Meria on Blogtalk Friday night; Mazda recall; Az makes top 10 in consumer debt;2 sailors dead from Fukushima;Anonymous posts KKK leaders info; cop fires at dad rushing asthma inhaler to dgtr;14 teens killed since Michael Brown; Ruth Ginsburg gets heart stent;Black Agenda report on Cosby;cops show up for f/b post and more insanity.









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