The Blasted News with Meria


11/3/14 The Blasted News with Meria. The Pres. of Israel says Israeli society is sick; cop who shot unarmed man wants disability;Ford, Chrysler and Baby wipes recalls; Big money spent in secret on midterm elections; voting machines flipping votes, back to paper; Alabama spies on black students;adults living with family in US up due to economy;Old White guys buy and rule; UK spying on Americans no warrants needed;Al Queda gets military contracts from US; Sweden recognizes Palestine;France: drones over their nuclear plants; ebola madness; Lenny Horowitz on man-made AIDS/Ebola; nurses to strike over ebola; Lanza on Celexa; Ray McGovern arrested and man-handled again;Washington school shooting and I-594; Tennessee’s Boone Dam sinkhole north of 3 nuke plants; earthquakes;Fukushima latest;the broke generation;child poverty and billionaires up worldwide;Britains secret plan to hire psychopaths after a nuke disaster exposed; 1/2 of 1% of Patriot act used on actual terrorists, the rest on us;Ferguson latest;China hacking US targets for years (where’s the NSA); Albuquerque cops & Sheriff Joe face justice dept; Tim Cook comes out;protesters win in Ohio; 7 countries where US kids can get free college;Israeli’s political cartoon on Netanyahu; Global billionaires doubled;20,000 no-knock raids by cops a yr;








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