Meria With Chuck Ochelli on Ferguson


12/2/14 Meria interviews Charles Ochelli, JFK researcher, radio host. Independent thinkers and broadcasters;Michael Brown shooting and the police state; the issue is the militarized police; “rioting is the voice of the unheard” – MLK; Standing armies in blue; typical m.o. since JFK – assassinate the person, then assassinate his character; why people just accept things as they are; bringing up the inner racist in a lot of people; George Carlin on racism; Elizabeth Lauten’s holier than thou slam on Obama’s girls; comparing first ladies; agent provocateurs, FBI, Natl.Guard, KKK – all the players on the ground; Kelly Thomas beaten to death; worshipping celebrities in USA; “Lean On Me” with Morgan Freeman – story of Joe Clark; Walk outs happening now-great; are camera’s the answer? How to utilize technology for OUR benefit and lots more.








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