Stars R Us – with Meria and Joseph Anthony

me and joe

12/3/14 Stars R Us with Meria and Joseph Anthony. The astrology for December, what to expect; People are uniting and waking up; earthquake in Sedona;we have entered the Photon Belt – what to expect; movies promoting fear;from Ferguson to NYC; good news; more banker deaths, more cops speaking out; massive transformation happening especially in the monetary world; power in numbers; lots of instant karma the next two years; shake ups in religious organizations coming; great month for planning and taking action; make a list; BRICS nations alliance; Full Moon in Gemini; New Moon & Sun in Capricorn; “when in doubt, leave it out”; the winter solstice -set goals; old beliefs are to be let go; December for Aries, Cancer,Capricorn & Libra; entering an 8 year numerological; monthly horoscopes.









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