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12/4/14 The Blasted News With Meria. Eric Garner’s killer cop not indicted, protests nationwide; Phoenix cops kill a man thought pills were a gun; Nuclear missile launch officer court martialed for drugs and obstruction;more troops to Iraq; Russia launches “wartime govt”; false flag for UK; Ukraine & Belgian nuclear plant accidents;DOJ; Obama wants more $ for police state;what to do if you are stopped by a cop;Detroit in the dark, Atlanta bridges ready to collapse; a win for the people in Florida homeless case;a judge might see justice;charging everyone but Darren Wilson;Fukushima & WIPP horrors;Chicago raises min. wage to $13;UN wants Israel to renounce nuclear arms;crazed Az. Pastor calls for LGBT’s to be killed (no arrest); earthquakes; Jimmy Savile’s partners in pedophilia; humans going extinct?First Nations win; how to police the police;James Madison on standing army; Thomas Jefferson on the Bible; 9/11 Hoax we need an independent investigation; Ferguson lies – market never made the 9/11 call; Abusive cop Ramsey to lead reform committee;G20’s new rule: bail-ins; complaint filed against Dallas police and more stuff.






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  1. Meria says:

    Totally outstanding blasted news today. You may be feeling the problems of the world and you must roar. yes, you’re feeling burned out and we welcome you to take what time you need. we need you fresh and on point. Bless you dear one. Janet

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