The Blasted News with Meria


12/11/14 The Blasted News with Meria. Torture and police brutality-USA 2014; our prisons and torture chambers;Repug. hopefuls quiet on torture (loud on Benghazi); 1949 Geneva Convention demands prosecution;all baby whales are dead;Richmond,Ca. police & city council join protesters;30,000 Irish protesting;lava flows on Big Island;Fukushima-apocalyptic disaster;Christian Fundamentalist terrorist in Israel; Michigan and Arkansas vote against LBGT rights;Congress vs. legalization vote;Whooping cough hits the vaccinated;ugly US torture revealed;John Kiriakou, hero rots in prison;false flag?immunity for Ebola vaccine makers;Uber rides ; Graffiti artist dies in Fla; public school tricks parents on school trip; NC church members indicted for beating gay man;Rick Perry on wealth inequality-its in the bible; NYPD misconduct off the charts;7 States still ban atheists from office (should be the other way around); BP loses; earthquakes;suicides #1 cause of troop deaths;NFL vs. police;Illinois wants to ban photos of police;NDAA to give Apache land to foreign investors; and more insanity.









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