The Blasted News With Meria


12/15/14 The Blasted News with Meria. Hostage situation in Sydney stinks to high heaven;Pope Francis – animals have souls; new govt budget to steal your pensions and savings;Congress bought and paid for by corporate investment;China makes 90% of all e-cigarettes-no safety oversight;shot for illegal lane change; shot for suspicion of stolen car; shot for expired tags (cops on parade); no respect for human life-cops inactions after shootings;huge marches across America;Cleveland Police report off the charts;NSA wins with Congress;Canada threatens Nebraska with eminent domain;Fukushima-mass extinction;more cars recalled;Global bankers win-bail-in;insurance companies beat taxes;GMO labeling loses due to uncounted votes;undercover cop busted;racism-almost all political donors white;DHS says a sun storm will known out power to millions;storm hits Calif;another Wall St giveaway;JP Morgan and Citibank wrote new budget;weather bomb hits Britain;more Walmart ugliness;Beverly Johnson accosted by Bill Cosby (22 and counting); SONY execs racist remarks about Obama;Cheney tosses Bush under bus;Syria wants sanctions on Israel; Putin aide says Israel/US training ISIS;$760 return on $1 spent on elections by Corporations;and more “stuff”.









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