Roaring Truth with Meria and Jim Fetzer


3/10/15 Roaring Truth with Meria and Professor Jim Fetzer “the Real Deal”. 47 Republican traitors in violation of the Logan Act in Congress;Netanyahu’s speech of lies;Iran hasn’t attacked anyone since 1775; Israel’s nukes; Sanctions are war crimes;AIPAC-JFK;Dual citizenship in Congress? Who do they represent?the Pentagon and Bldg 7 on 9/11 and the Israelis; “9/11 was good for Israel”-Netanyahu;Khazarian Mafia; the “holy” holocaust;using the 6mil figure since 1890; Red Cross totaled deaths at 296,000;Ernst Zundel and his atty;CIA Black Site in Chicago-disappearing and torturing Americans;Selma and the Voting Rights Act;Jeb Bush and the stolen election of 2000; Congress – last gasps of white male privilege;Ben Carson, another joke;Paris,Boston false flag updates;Craft Intl at Boston founded by Chris Kyle;Steven Spielberg in Boston;Boris Nemtsov’s murder;bad idea starting a war with Russia;ISIS/Mossad/CIA and much more.









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