Roaring Truth With Meria and Jim Fetzer


5/12/15 Roaring Truth with Meria and Jim Fetzer. We don’t leave much out today. Baltimore – a contrived event;the movie “Selma”; federalizing the police their goal;cops trained in Israel;Obama-extension of Bush admin;Loretta Lynch vs. Eric Holder;ISIS is political theater;CIA funds ISIS? Sy Hersh on Bin Laden-whole thing staged;Bin dead since 12/01; no representation for 56 mil Americans with nothing but Roman Catholics & Jews on Supreme court;freedom of or from religion?Abortion laws turning women into reproductive slaves;kicked off “alternative” sites, must be doing something right;Boston trial more theater;WTC-what was in the dust?Indian Point Nuclear Power plant;what is Iran about?exposing false flags (drills) can stop them;dissidents round-up? Red,yellow and blue lists;Walmart & FEMA;what is Jade Helm all about? Cheyenne Mountain revival? Jeb & George-dangerous idiots;Boston trial theater like the whole event;Jade Helm is illegal; and more.







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