Stars R Us with Meria and Joseph Anthony

me and joe

6/2/15 Stars R Us with Meria and Joseph Anthony.The month of May was a doozie – what’s coming up in June? this retrograde included a lot of death and physicality, ends 6/11; confusion, uncertainty, scattered energy; Neptune square;frequency manipulation in big cities; full Moon on the 2nd;Venus goes into Leo on the 5th;Leo wants action; Saturn retrograde-Scorpio’s will feel it most;New Moon in Gemini 16th-new energy;think,plan,create;what is a triple conjunction?summer solstice 21st;crazy weather;Sun in Cancer;emotions, sensitivity;Mars enters Cancer 24th-aggression? false flag? Texas floods/Jade Helm;every law passed is another freedom lost;mass consciousness;Horoscopes by sign for the month.







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