Roaring Truth with Meria and James Fetzer


9/8/15 Roaring Truth with Meria and Jim Fetzer. ┬áThe truth hurts;Fukushima the end of mankind? 6th mass extinction;the abortion debate and what Genesis Chapter 2 actually says about the beginning of life;animal souls;spilling your seed;buy it ALL or shut up; pro-choice is the only moral decision-religion has no place in public policy;Kim Davis vs. Muslim flight attendant;Iran-no nukes – Israel-hundreds;JFK & LBJ;Biden-Zionist;worse bunch of candidates EVER #Weremember; 14 yrs of war, no anti-war movement;migrants;Syria-Russia-ISIS; abandoning the US dollar;is Trump a godsend? Carson is disgusting;A Brooklyn Jew? why shut down of aircraft reconnaissance system as before 9/11? WW3?the movie “The Devil’s Advocate“; Israel and Fukushima;China’s “explosions”;EMP? are we initiating war with China?USA-new fascist empire and loads more.







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One Response to "Roaring Truth with Meria and James Fetzer"

  1. ScottHall says:

    Cool show Meria! We’re in need of laughter in these distressing times. Even though the present moments are tragic, it’s a great way to bring in the past and measure “what was then” and “what is now”. The bible, programmed human behavior and psychopaths always makes for good humor.
    This aircraft recon system shutdown on the east coast is very strange! During the same moments 9/11 was happening, one of the key hidden ingredients of deceit was NORAD conducting war games in Canada and the FAA not knowing if the hijacks were real or part of the war game drill. So what’s up w/this shutdown? Duck and cover??
    Never knew that Geiger Counters were prohibited after 9/11 Jim! It just solidifies the “use of nukes” on Towers 1 & 2. Plus Building 7 was to demo during the fall of 1 & 2 but, with nuclear detonation, the atmosphere is demagnetized! Nothing will ignite to trigger the event…
    As a side note, Wayne Dyer passed away last week. Even though he was heavily entrenched in the new age movement, his work in self motivation and the essence of love will resonate for a long time. To quote him, “we have to see ourselves as the child within each of us or we’re not going to make it”…

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