Roaring Truth with Meria and Jim Fetzer


11/10/15 Roaring Truth with Meria and Jim Fetzer. Today: Sandy Hook. Jim’s latest explosive book “Nobody Died At Sandy Hook”. Enormous hoax to install fear and solidify the school to prison pipeline;be afraid if you’re a parent, a christian, African American, the list goes on;Typical tells of a false flag;cops where you don’t need them;Destruction of evidence – old hat – since JFK; A drill on the 13th, went live on the 14th; “Everyone must check in” complete with pizza, water and port-a-potties;where were the emergency vehicles? EMTs? panicked parents? photos? blood? death certificates;why a gag order punishable with a class E Felony? Gag on social media;lifetime gag on school demolition;FEMA manual;earlier than event donation pages;Operation Longevity and Eric Holder;Governor warned;Israel and our cops;Israel and Russian air explosion;Chapter 7 shows the setting up of props in Lanza home – Chapter 8-props in the school complete with photos of the moving vans;keep an open mind folks…this has been going on a long time. See the video here. Here’s the Seinfeld piece I referred on youtube.






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2 Responses to "Roaring Truth with Meria and Jim Fetzer"

  1. ScottHall says:

    In Charleston, the Ebenezer Baptist Church received a $27 million grant just after the “supposed shooting” for structural repairs and restoration from the WH.
    My understanding is trucks were lined up in NYC, not only on the next day, but on the day of 9/11 just after the event.
    The Israeli police training program is designed to view “We the People” as goyim.
    Cooper Anderson was trained as a CIA operative, as questioned by Luke Rudkowski for We Are Change.
    At sandy hook, the fire house staging center next to the school, showed a parade of people circle turning from the back door to the front door via chopper cam for the activity drill. The trauma triage area had no one, not one child, on the yellow treatment tarps. Adam Lanza weighed 110 pounds and carried an array of assault weapons that weighed half of his own weight. The three individuals running from the school just after the shooting, were never questioned as to what they were doing or their names released to the public. The cars in the school parking lot were perfectly aligned with people just walking around with no behavior of a heinous mass murder of 1st grade children.
    Great point Meria! Show us the proof in the pics of evidence!

  2. debalexander2000@aol.com says:

    Talk about someone who should be the recipient of “longevity” – it is Jim Fetzer!!! I don’t want to live in a world where Jim is not there to tirelessly uncover and report the back stories of all the upcoming false flags (which we can anticipate will be coming thicker and faster than they ever have occurred in the past)!! The two of you together got me fired up. I listened to the show three times today. I hate to call it “entertainment” because the topics are dire, but what else can we do but laugh at them? It’s either laugh or blow our brains out!

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