Born in the 1940’s We Remember


12/29/15 Born in the 1940’s We Remember with elders Meria & Jim Fetzer. “Respect your elders” don’t throw them away;the blessing of grandparents;safe food back in the day vs. GMO’s today;drug poisoning then and now;abortion-then and now;back alley abortions;reproductive slavery;pro-life or anti-sex? primeval laws for women;thalidomide tragedy;babies in Brazil;confidence in govt and medicine then and now;war with Russia? Sandy Hook-Posner-James Tracy;the media’s culpabilities; Star Wars or real wars? media is a tool of propaganda and disinformation then and now;where is the candidate for peace? speaking to the police state? “Nobody Died At Sandy Hook”. Why we spend our “golden” years doing what we do.






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3 Responses to "Born in the 1940’s We Remember"

  1. ScottHall says:

    Thanks for the excellent point views Meria. My Grandparents were born in the 1800’s (1877 & 1889 & 1898) and they had a very serious work ethic. Plus, they experienced the market crashing, bank closing depression of 1929. If a grandchild was fortunate, he or she had a rare opportunity to learn about an incredible time of change and togetherness..
    You have quite the family Meria! Your professional pics reflect a beautiful togetherness…

  2. Meria says:

    thank you. My life is an open book and why not? I’ve lived it and learned from it.

  3. andy buchan says:

    The Storm takes Form
    As Severity is Born.
    The people are Sleeping
    As Nature is Weeping.
    But Hark — Is this a Sign
    of some Sublime Turn of Fate?
    Just How Many does it Take
    To Throw Open the Gate?
    The True God is Rising
    The True God is Surmising
    That His People Are Here
    & the Future is Clear
    for Some.

    So Take Faith, Meria
    For God is Hard & God has a Spear.
    No, I’m Not Talking religious Idiocy
    — more Spiritual Clarity.
    For Amidst all the Disparity
    of man versus man
    The True God is Watching
    & He Has A Plan.

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