News of Planet of the Apes with Meria


12/7/15 News of Planet of the Apes with Meria. Operation Gladio B – San Bernardino, Colorado Springs, Syria; Staged events, real deaths;agenda?Obama calls SanBernardino terrorism, not the killings at Planned Parenthood;3 white males? reporters rummage through crime scene? Militarization goal; men use PP too;12 mil left homeless in Syria;pushing Islamophobia;monthly drills?Farook family lawyers compare shooting to Sandy Hook fakery;firebomb kills 16 in Cairo;Russians want Putin to stay;increase in Fukushima radiation on West Coast;running out of oxygen;Rubio’s “mistress” story;Rep. blames PP shooting on PP;Missouri wants gun laws to mimic abortion laws;dump Internet Explorer;prayers don’t cut it;gun sales up;BP manslaughter charges dropped;fattest States in America;Subsys on the carpet-“Murder Inc”; Med.Cannabis and unemployment benefits;stabbing on Tube in UK;Iraq vs. Turkey;Jimmy Carter cancer free;YouTube censorship;Carson on Hillary;maker of fake PP videos in court;Indigenous leader slaughtered in Mexico;Carving up the Middle East based on staged events;Brits want to ban Donald Trump and more insanity.





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6 Responses to "News of Planet of the Apes with Meria"

  1. mysticjanet says:

    Carter’s medication costs 150,000/yr; they reported on it tonight on the news: however it has to be a sham because it says it kills cancer cells. cancer cells are already dead.
    I couldnt believe the S B coverage. Jim has already debunked the pictures they used. witnesses for tv they don’t ever say, it was ……. who worked with us. And how easy would it be for them to set up a bomb making garage. the poor dad has been compromise probably with cash or deportation chrgs to say what they claim he said. There are many people who don’t like Israel.
    It can be too much some days and today is the day.
    Blessibgs, J

  2. Meria says:

    $150,000 a yr, crazy. So regular people have to just die. No caste system here! No sir-ree. Jim is wild and ready to go tomorrow. I’m sure you could hear how tired I am on todays show. It’s a whole lot of
    shit to continuously endure let alone cover. hugs to you!

  3. mysticjanet says:

    Thank you for all you do. It’s appreciated for sure.
    You’ll need to dream of the vacation to come: hope those dreams include Dave coming through… Just read his 9/12 and 9/16 2001 writings and he was so right. It’s fun to see his brain trying to make sense of it all.

  4. Meria says:

    thanks Janet. It’s a ton of work for sure. When Dave comes through and he will,they all do eventually I’ll be sure to tell everyone.

  5. debalexander2000@aol.com says:

    You correctly stated that there are currently no nationwide anti-war demonstrations. The driving force behind the demonstrations in the ’60s was the draft. The powers-that-be know this, which is why a draft has not been initiated. I, personally, would welcome the initiation of the draft. Why? Because the day that happens, the anti-war demonstrations will grow like kudzu and the wars would probably be wound down within weeks. One can dream.

  6. Meria says:

    it could happen with women having to register at 18, now that they are only equal in combat.Not rights or pay.

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