News of Planet of the Apes with Meria


12/14/15 News of Planet of the Apes with Meria. Comments from listeners;Fukushima horrors continue;plenty of free coverage for Trump, zip for Bernie;slavery shrimp;PP files lawsuit in Ohio;the South grows worse and worse;more cop killings;Fear at all time high (thank the GOP); no freedom in France;attacks on Muslims (thank Trump);jailed for attempted abortion in Tenn;climate accord a joke;Wall St, not ISIS destroying America;ISIS and American weapons;Saudi Arabia and human rights (joke of the century);back to wars;Putin on nuclear weapons & GMO’s;House tightens visas;two white terrorists arrested not killed;recall Rahm;Scotland and US cops;Scotland dumps Trump; No child left behind;Arnold: go veg;Rapist cop gets 263 yrs? another eyewitness to San Bernardino: 3 tall white men, police issued weapon;infants given psych drugs;Citadel Military college KKK; middle-income no longer majority of American households;Iran Contra gun used in Paris;and more insanity.






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3 Responses to "News of Planet of the Apes with Meria"

  1. mysticjanet says:

    Tonight, CBS doubled down reporting she was on a terror watch list and would not have made it in if she had asked for a Visa;
    One thing I also think these FF/SST events are for.. Is to prepare people to be searched without a warrant.
    Blessings, MJ

  2. Meria says:

    the lockdown I talked about years ago…

  3. debalexander2000@aol.com says:

    Trump is out there as a “test case.” He is “allowed” to continue saying the most outrageous things so that the powers-that-be can find out which way the vocal minority is swinging and just how much fomenting the silent majority will put up with. I, personally, have been ignoring him, but maybe that isn’t the correct response. Not that a petition would be effective in getting him off the podium or the airwaves, but if the UK could raise 300,000+ signatures on a petition to keep him out of their country within four hours, why can’t we do the same? And more. Much more hitting him in the pocketbook, as you said.

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