News of Planet of the Apes with Meria


12/28/15 Meria returns with News of Planet of the Apes. CISA surveillance bill passes un-debated;War on the poor continues in and out of medicaid and choice;Amazon soars;Ramadi liberated;floods in No.England;Tornadoes,floods in bible belt;landslide in China;deformed babies in Brazil;work related illnesses kill 50,000 a yr in US;terror warnings for EU & Russia;TSA and strip searches;Mosque fireĀ in Houston hate crime;theatre shooting in Alabama;nuclear leak in Belgium & Russia;more cop shootings in Chicago;Sweden almost cash free;Bernie on the Fed, Trump,Sandra Bland;LA gas leak worsens;bail bond system and the poor;US 50% of global arms market;numbers for Palestinians by Israeli army;Lindsey Graham drops out;Trumps repulsiveness;mutations in Japan;bomb scares, terrorist scares everywhere;cops stopped and released Paris attacker 3 x;Netanyahu’s “colonoscopy”; drills in Japan;$12 billion giveaway to health insurers;Texas cuts off PP’s HIV,cancer screening,condoms;400 bills,47 laws passed on reproductive freedom in 2015;no indictments in Sandra Bland case;raid yoga studios? vigilantes? cremate or bury abortion tissue? WTF;Cops killed 1,160 Americans in 2015;Bristol Palin talks abstinence has 2nd bastard child;56,000 college kids homeless;Tarantino vs. cops;dropping US dollar;Man anally RAPED by cops for stop sign and more insanity.






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  1. pbraunschweiler says:

    Welcome back, Meria! You were missed…After a week off, you came out of the gate full speed ahead! Although there’s not much joy in most of the news, in between the craziness of it all, you always manage to make it bearable with your side comments and humor…Looking forward to “We Remember” tomorrow with your fabulous co-host Prof. Jim Fetzer.

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