New of Planet of the Apes with Meria

Ladies strike

3/31/16 News of Planet of the Apes with Meria. Trump is dangerous to women;Trump on abortion;Fentanyl deaths;FBI now hacking other iPhones as Apple predicted;1/2 mil to lose food stamps in our christian nation;hospice encourage to kill patients sooner;latest deaths/deformities on Pacific;FDA eases requirements for abortion pill;will GOP break their loyalty oath?Wisconsin says no to Trump, more violence;Nigerians smarter than us;Az protester gets felony for safety pin!; soldiers of god law in Mississippi;Trumps’ campaign manager charged;Mossad runs ISIS;Porter Ranch CEO gets bonus;Az cops taser veteran;James Noble & Patty Duke dead;Ala.Gov kicked out of his church;Utah’s war on women worsens;Brazil/Zika/abortion;another benefit of Scalia’s death;vote for women;no more govt aid for Flint;drill goes live on Capitol Hill;Fidel on Obama;Bernie sweeps 3 states;lawsuits against N.C.;and more stuff.







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  1. debalexander2000@aol.com says:

    If we don’t teach math to the new generation(s), while the older generation(s) keep dying off, it will make it so much easier to shove their statistics down everyone’s throats without any push-back.

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