Born In the 1940’s We Remember with Meria and Jim Fetzer


4/27/16 Born In the 1940’s We Remember with Meria and Jim Fetzer. Remember when we trusted government?rigged elections;Bernie & Trump; Hillary and Libya;9/11/01 the excuse to destabilize 7 countries;Chelsea on 2nd Amendment and her mother;Iran;AIPAC;Obamacare-premiums rising;dental care?where are the required handicapped parked spots at Sandy Hook? Where were the EMT’s/ambulances? Adam Lanza’s shrink arrested;Boston,9/11,Sandy Hook,San Bernardino-gun control;the 28 pages/Saudi Arabia/Obama;Las Vegas then and now;San Diego then and now;Trumps foreign policy speech;tritium and other nuclear chemicals at Ground Zero; Cruz/Fiorina? adulterer and Evangelical? cyber attacks and more. Pretty hot show.





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2 Responses to "Born In the 1940’s We Remember with Meria and Jim Fetzer"

  1. debalexander2000@aol.com says:

    What is missing from both Trump and Clinton are integrity and gentility; they have absolutely no class.. It’s all belligerent bombast with bomb these people and cut the heads off of those other people. Their words are so crass. I do not want either of them representing me and my country. I’m with you – Amerikka needs to tend to its own knitting and let the rest of the world tend to theirs. Lead by example, not by force.

  2. Meria says:

    that’s because they have NO souls. Just look at their eyes for the clue.

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