Stars R Us – with Meria and Astrologer Joseph Anthony


5/3/16 Stars R Us, monthly astrology show with Meria and Joseph Anthony. Feeling tired? nutty? Relax, 5 planets are retrograding;the election “carnival show” and ego/power;May is about re-assessing our values and belief systems;emotional distractions;retro = going back;expectations (flush them); wake up to what’s real;BRICS currency;financial issues;lifestyle counts;lots of deaths and Pluto; time compression;roughest month of 2016; 2018 Uranus in Taurus;Sun in Taurus-slow down;New Moon in Taurus;Sun in Gemini (have fun); Full Moon in Sag;restlessness – break out of routines. Mercury goes direct on the 22nd;horoscopes by sign.





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  1. debalexander2000@aol.com says:

    A tip from one of the Elders of the Tribe is to strive to keep your nest clean by streamlining your life, Give away or sell stuff you don’t need or want any more and don’t feel that you have to buy more stuff. The object is to live your life (however long it may be) with fewer burdens and not leave a mess behind for others to clean up when you die (or possibly lose your marbles for a few years in later life)..

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