Born in the 1940’s We Remember


6/28/16 Born In the 1940’s We Remember with Meria and Jim Fetzer. Living in a false reality of constructed events;from Sandy Hook to Orlando (JFK -9/11/01); signs of a staged event in Orlando;Gun control; sit-in;blaming it on Islam? no links to ISIS;ISIS-made in the USA; Omar Mateen and G4S and connections to James Wesley Howell;Who and what is G4S and it’s connection to DHS;Life Tech;professional crisis actors;Brexit;Supreme Court ruling against Texas abortion access;MSM;Clinton death toll;fake moon landing;spraying NYC;chemtrails and so much more.





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  1. ScottHall says:

    Yep! Istanbul Airport looks a lot like Paris; no blood, no gurneys, EMT personal standing around. Interior destruction for sure w/ a supposed 28 dead. Being that this event just happened, watch ISIS and Assad be in the crosshairs. The why here is to launch war…

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