Born in the 1940’s We Remember


9/27/16 Born in the 1940’s We Remember, with Meria & Jim Fetzer. We get into a pretty hot debate over the debates; this “election” is a carnival;Trump blames his mic;Jim on Trump; Trump’s hypocrisy;Stop & frisk;not paying taxes – good biz? After the discord we get into real issues: Deutsche Bank and Germany;ripple effect? Gary Johnson on too big to fail; NYC bombing -playing on the fears of the public;FBI & perps; Manchurian candidates;Syria and US attacks; Russian retaliation;is martial law possible? Suing Saudi Arabia for 9/11 veto;foreign aid to Israel is illegal;Operation Terror;Assad and Syria;Congress oath to Israel;Israeli’s and 9/11.





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2 Responses to "Born in the 1940’s We Remember"

  1. gaston says:

    Good show. I have to agree mostly with Meria where the Clinton vs Trump debate is concerned. Although I don’t think it was a knock out I think that Hillary “won” the debate. A knock out would imply that Trump was counted out as a result. In truth I think that he isn’t going anywhere and can still become president in the unlikely event that all votes will be counted. In the end it won’t matter who “wins” anyway. The Rotschild/Rockefeller clan decides who the candidates will be and they have to agree with their agenda. Perhaps Hillary will carry that agenda out with more enthusiasm than Trump, but if he would be unwilling he wouldn’t be a candidate. Sanders would perhaps have caused them problems which is why he was deemed unfit to be the democratic candidate.

    I can’t take the polls that Jim mentionned seriously at all because the margins of victory for Trump are way to big to even consider the possibility that they would be valid. You wouldn’t get margins as big as some that Jim mentionned if Gandhi debated Hitler.

  2. Meria says:

    good points. I think you’d have to be deaf, dumb and blind to think Donald won. There are many things we can say about Hillary but she IS an intelligent woman, can’t take that away from her. Trump continues proves to be the hateful ignorant racist he is. What a world! So glad to see you commenting here! hugs

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