Roaring Truth with Meria and Jim Fetzer

¬†12/27/16 Roaring Truth with Meria and Jim Fetzer. NDAA-Ministry of Truth arrives;Russian ambassador shot -Berlin redux of Nice (false flags); Who done it?the need to come ¬†clean on 9/11/01;theater events;Continuity of Government-Bush;McKinney on Israel Oath;trump & Russia; Jimmy Carter’s CFR admin; who’s picking trumps? Assassinations – JFK;trump vs. Secret Service;obsfucation;USS Liberty; Obama on Israel vote;86% lost family and friends to this election-manipulation? divide and conquer? Fukushima and Israel;Jeff Sessions and cannabis;Dick Cheney & Pence;Roe vs. Wade and much more.







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One Response to "Roaring Truth with Meria and Jim Fetzer"

  1. guygirard says:

    Good show Meria,

    You know when Dick Cheney is , Donald Rumsfled is not far away and both of them involved in secret black projects like the Moon and Mars. but even they are gofers for the Anunnaki

    I thought Cheney was kissing butt to the real owner of Monsanto on Mars these days

    The idiot king Trumpet is too stupid to come up with anything by himself he is 100% controlled, a true puppet

    There is something people need to understand about puppets and the Anunnaki.

    The puppet bloodlines bodies are inbreeding since 200 thousand years ago for a reason as David exposed already, but they have a soul. The reason for the satanic upbringing is to prepare them for possession by the Anunnaki controlers

    Once that happens the soul is trapped in his own body ( usually in the heart ) and never gets out. The Anunnaki controlls the body remotely from his reality through technology not unlike putting a set of headphones on but it is a nuro interface afterwards and when not in use the body has minimal awareness done by an AI. The original soul is trapped and locked up for a reason and that is so he can not rebell and screw something up for the masters.

    The Anunnaki dont give a rats ass about their puppets and they have many puppets they control anyway. when one is damaged they have clones and if not needed anymore they are sacrificed and the Anunnaki hopps into the next one psychicly remotely.

    The Anunnaki do not follow the puppet around all day, they physically can not do that. The time difference between our reality and theirs is too great not to mention the difference in density. The shadow David describes is like an after immage of the Anunnaki controling his puppet but the real physical beeing can be anywhere, on the Moon, on Earth in one of their bases/cities underground, on Mars or even on Nibiru. They have colonies on every planet in this solar system

    Now do you understand that thinking a puppet has their own thoughts and a conscience and still has freewill is just like believing that voting will solve anything ? ( i like the way you say it Meria : voting is an excercise in public masterbation )

    Stop having fath in puppets to say something or do something human, they are not human anymore. They just look human.


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