Hell & Highwater – Meria with Chuck Ochelli

 12/13/16 Hell and Highwater with Meria & Chuck Ochelli. The President select; worse cabinet picks EVER; Tillerson and Perry? counter intuitive placements ;USA-RIP? trump supporters and his picks? Jeff Sessions! Mad dog Mattis? draining the swamp? Betsy DeVos and charter schools;Putzner of Carl Jr; Trump-CIA-JFK; has a coup happened or yet to? intentionally planned chaos;Dan Rather? Ben Carson! Abe Bolden and the secret service;Linda McMahon? pay to play; stolen elections;Military in admin; what’s the solution? Controlled demolition of America; Pizzagate vs pedophilia rings around the world and the Catholic Church;Trump a pedophile/rapist; Michael Flynn! will trump be sacrificed for a Pres.Pence? Is trump the messiah? US embassy in Jerusalem? bible and predictions; what about international diplomacy vs. tweets? lots more too.





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7 Responses to "Hell & Highwater – Meria with Chuck Ochelli"

  1. guygirard says:

    Love it Meria,

    Chuck your great but as long as you think these guys are human llike you and me you will be chassing stories forever. Here is why i say that : It is an Anunnaki agenda scripted long ago so no matter who is in the Trump team makes no effin difference the Agenda will go on.

    The true Question is which family member is supporting who and where geographically they are claiming is their territory.

    The simple truth is THEY ARE ALL SATANISTS, Psychopaths, pédophiles, who practice child and human sacrifice. NONE OF THEM SHOULD BE DECIDING ANYTHING FOR THE PEOPLE.

    As long as you vote for any puppet who tells you all what you wana hear you are falling for the same scam over and over.

    VOTING is giving your personal power away and worse YOUR CONSENT to whatever horror they will make you suffer collectively period.

    We live in a freewill universe and that is the only law that realy matters. ANY other law in any dam country is BULLSHIT and dont apply in the universe. The Anunnaki have to follow the law of the universe period.

    Bottom line STOP GIVING YOUR POWER AWAY, come together by the millions to fire the entire lot and destroy the entire system. Only then can reform be conssidered.


  2. robot says:

    Behold the orange horse…

  3. knorr57 says:

    Perhaps a coup d’etate part one via Trump already happened, and a coup d’etate part two via who knows is in process?

  4. pbraunschweiler says:

    Thanks, Meria and Chuck, for another interesting, informative and fun “Hell and Highwater”!

  5. mysticjanet says:

    Love is the answer. As Meria would say the only ticket out of here is a spiritual one; must vibrate to Love and move to the 5th Dimension. It doesn’t matter what they do; our only answer is love.
    Blessings to all,

  6. chuck says:

    wow… “Behold an Orange Horse” that one is my favorite comment on here. Love is the answer so long as we reply. Perhaps I am thinking these things are human far too often. You are all appreciated. Thanks Mom for having me do this with you.

  7. Meria says:

    My pleasure! Enjoy it!

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