Hell and Highwater with Meria & Chuck Ochelli

 1/10/17 Hell and Highwater, with Meria and Chuck Ochelli. Leading by example;#TheJennaMcKennaShow”; the savagery among us; why blame BLM? racism; what caused the end of decency, morality, concern in America? The top three; the isolation of computer living; can we compare trump to Hitler and Mussolini? lack of education and educated in USA; expect a rise in racism and police state with Sessions; trump wants to kill Obamacare, they worry about a replacement; trumps gangster mentality; paying our taxes, why not trump? what happened to diplomacy? “taxation without representation”; profiteering off the pain and suffering of others, and lots more.





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2 Responses to "Hell and Highwater with Meria & Chuck Ochelli"

  1. guygirard says:

    Great show guys loved it ,

    Hahaha larengidis 😉

    You are right i hope people Wake up to how rediculous this rulership by bloodline through public puppets scam is and implodes, hopefully they take all their institutions and stupid laws with them

    what you described is accureate but barely on the surface about sweat pants, all changes in realities from generation to generation are agendas brought in and popularised heavily by the medias through music, TV shows and movies, fashion and now technology

    Of course you are seeing devide and conquer in every aspect of our lives heavily driven by technology and it’s not by accident either. When you think their goal is the smart grid ( AI grid ) is almost complete all that remains on their agenda is kill us all off so they can finish it with the survivers that they have chosen to be the precursors to the new generation of cloned bodies they want in the end

    Remember folks and i dont realy care who believes this or not , all your life was planned during the incarnation process, where you are scamed, lied to and decieved into every choice you make which serves the agendas. then go off and negotiate soul contracts with all people and animals that will be in your life, then to get your lifeplan aproved more negotiations like ( if you want this carreer you will need to do the folowing imposed conditions ) ect it is like making a charactor/avatar for a video game ( as above so below )

    then you go into the tunel to your mothers woomb to be born where at some point they erase all that from your memory and as a bonus add in fine print on your soul matrix all their dirty karma we launder for them so they can stay in power. Once born into a satanic world by satanic ritual practices in a hospital for example, you are just acting out the dramas at this point with no chance of changing anything in your life unless you brake free of the matrix. You think you are making choices every moment in your life but that is an illusion. BTW your soul is not here, only a connection to it. It stayed back where you incarnated from just like i am not this computer but just writing this from my home in a chair using a connection to the internet.

    PS any refferrence to the word YOU is meant in general description not adressing anyone directly.

    Hugs Meria

  2. Meria says:

    ha, glad you get my sense of humor re: laryngitis. Yes all an illusion and just an avatar. Best way to describe it. hugs

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