Stars R Us with Meria and Joseph Anthony

 1/6/17 Stars R Us, with Meria and Joseph Anthony. The astrology report for 2017. Better year in many ways; more positive eclipses this year; Venus retrograde in March;Feb 24-28th-war? Saturn trines Uranus; Jupiter sextile Saturn; optimistic/idealism; August a great month; Mercury retrogrades (this one over the 8th); Jan 20th-Sun in Aquarius;Jan.28-Chinese New Year- of the Rooster; indications of conflicts in alphabet agencies; energies shifting for the better; financial changes; trump/cabinet/Jesuits; could there be a major conflict this year? new system by 2024; Neptune in Pisces until 2025 and what it all means.







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2 Responses to "Stars R Us with Meria and Joseph Anthony"

  1. guygirard says:

    Wow great show, loved it

    excellent advice and comments, ture the solution is spiritual because that is where the power comes from.

    will be interresting as to how this year plays out

    True that there is a war behind the sceen within the global elites ( they do not all fight on the same side ) and as above so below this war is also going on in the eithers among the Anunnaki and other puppetmasters. We Mirror ench other so the mayhem going on down here is also going on in the eithers

    good job guys you nailed it.

    Hugs Meria

  2. Meria says:

    thank you!

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