News of Planet of the Apes, with Meria

 4/13/17 News of Planet of the Apes, with Meria. War everywhere; trump drops MOAB on Afghanistan;warships to No.Korea;Russia threatens war;Syrian civilian deaths/Mosul, Iraq, Yemen ; first black female Muslim judge found floating in the Hudson-hate crimes rise under trump; Spicer and Hitler; trump defunds PP; More Russian agents in trump land – Paul Manafort registers as foreign agent;Carter Page; Is Bannon the way out? trump builds natl. deportation force while Sessions gives cops more leeway to kill; health violations at Whore-A-Lard Ass; GOP calls Lincoln a tyrant like Hitler; (what’s more Hitler-esque than this admin?) ;unpredictable trump; DeVos & Pruitt need 24 hr protection;Tillerson & Putin met; ultimatums-big dick contest;false flags;Fla.Sheriff ala taliban;African migrants sold as slaves;anti-gay trump admin; Chechnya gay concentration camps; trump can’t handle easter egg hunt;Christian terrorism never covered in USA; trump is the war party; leaving church over trump;ATF criminals;holy-days;United Airlines;class warfare; trump the loser settles two more lawsuits; slaughter in the Philippines;trump will fund Obamacare;trump costing us a fortune;Russia threatens “real war” and more insanity.Link to the astrology referred to : GianPaoloDiCocco.





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